Our Friend Fernando

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Recently at Palo Alto’s downtown Farmer’s Market, we have been joined at our FoPAAS table by the delightful Fernando Ramirez. Fernando’s family owns Contreras Farm in Moss Beach and every Saturday morning they can be found at our Farmer’s Market selling exquisite flowers from their truck. (The dahlias in the photo above are from Contreras Farm.)

Fernando is 10 years old, and from his first visit to our table he has charmed us with his curiosity and his observations. He showed us how to install an iPhone app and shared the YouTube video he made of his chihuahua, Frank. (Look on YouTube under “How Do Dogs Play?” and find Fernando’s name.)

On their farm, he takes care of the dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, and geese.  And of course on Saturdays he is up at the crack of dawn to drive to Palo Alto with his parents—or with his grandfather, Jesus—and help with the sale of their lovely flowers.



Fernando helps when we take pictures of the dogs who visit the market. (In the photo on the left, he’s getting acquainted with Kobi, a Siberian Husky.) And the rest of the time he sits with us, talks with visitors to our table, and entertains us with stories about his life. Fernando is our special friend.



JeremyAbout the Author
Jeremy Lindston Robinson, our Vice President