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Blobfish - Young Writers Project - Friends of the Palo Alto Animal Shelter


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bobfishBlobfish live in the ocean. They live in the deep sea. Blobfish spend a lot of time on the ocean floor. They live off the coasts of mainland Australia, in Tasmania. Blobfish can also live in New Zealand.

Did you know?

Did you know that
the blobfish won the
contest for the ugliest
animal on earth?


bobfish3Blobfish don’t actually catch their food. They wait for the food to come to them. So, if a crab decides to see what that big, pink, blob is, the blobfish will swallow the crab before the crab can scamper away. Blobfish are omnivores. That means that they eat plants and meat. Blobfish eat crabs, microscopic bacteria, and sea pens.

Did you know?

Blobfish live 2,000-
3,900 feet below the
surface of the ocean?

Helps the environment

bobfish5Blobfish help the environment because they eat bacteria. Sometimes bacteria can be good, but sometimes it can be bad. Blobfish eat the bad bacteria that can make us really sick.

Did you know?

Blobfish don’t chew
their food. They
swallow it whole.

Key facts

bobfish2Blobfish can be pretty weird. Blobfish look like big, pink and white wads of bubble gum. Blobfish have a really big nose, and have a huge frown. They have tiny black eyes. They are usually about 15-20 pounds. Blobfish are 2-3 feet long.

Did you know?

The flesh of the
Blobfish is a gelatinous
Mass that allows them
to float above the ocean


bobfish4Blobfish are endangered because of trawling. Trawling is kind of like fishing. It’s when you put a large net underwater, and scoop up a bunch of fish. Blobfish often get stuck in the nets. That’s what’s making them almost extinct. If a blobfish is accidentally caught in the net, the trawler is to put it back into the water immediately. In order to save these creatures we would have to ban trawling, but that law has not been passed yet. It’s really hard for blobfish to survive because they don’t have any muscles to move away from the net. Blobfish would be extinct if they were not inedible. Humans can’t eat blobfish because they are poisonous.


  • Inedible/ you can’t eat it
  • Endangered/ almost extinct
  • Extinct/ gone, whole species is dead everywhere on earth
  • Omnivore/ eats both plants and meat
  • Bacteria/ a single-celled living thing that can’t be seen without a microscope, reproducing rapidly and sometimes causing diseases
About the Author
Harmony, age 8.

FoPAAS’s note: Please email us at support@pafriends.org in case of any copyright infringement and we will remove your copyrighted image immediately. This post was done for a school project by our beloved young writer and rising star, Harmony, and we try to keep her work as authentic as possible.